Unique Mosaic Art

I found mosaic art about 10 years ago through a community education class.  I was using mostly ceramic tile at first but quickly turned to stained glass for its color and translucency, with mirrored pieces to accent the work.  I like bright colors, stripes, and abstract patterns in my mosaics. 


I like to think of myself as a ‘green’ artist, recycling and transforming items that might otherwise be discarded, especially windows, mirrors, cabinet doors, and old furniture.  Finding an interesting piece to use as the canvas to convey my artwork is almost as fun as doing the actual mosaic work.  I love that the finished pieces are often as functional as they are beautiful. 

Career and Inspiration

While I still work a traditional job to support myself, I am passionate about my art and dream of the day I can do it full-time.


Check out a few of my inspirations!



Are you looking for a great piece of artwork for your home? My website presents you with an overview of my artwork, and you can also contact me directly. I'm sure you'll find something that meets your taste!